Hi there,

My name is Chabeli Farro, I´m a self-taught cuban illustrator and artist. I started to pursuit my true passions – digital illustration, design and arts – on 2019. Since then I have managed to open up my path doing what i really love to do.

I have been always interested on fantasy and cultural topics. Being cuban and surrounded by a lot of religious and cultural traits of my country gave shape to what I currently show in my art. I also love storytelling and narrative, which is why i also put some of that on my illustrations. I mainly like to represent female or non-gendered characters that live inside a fantasy world that i like to build from imagination. I like to use bold colors and gradients, elements of nature and to craft their dressing and makeup. What I aim to provoke with my art is to get the spectator to take action and dig deep into its own imaginative worlds.


Grimorio ilustrado

“El Aquelarre” Collective Exhibition | Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Havana, Cuba | December 2022.

proof of people

NFT Event and Exhibition | Fabric London, London, UK | July 2022.

eth barcelona

NFT Event and Exhibition | CCIB, Barcelona, Spain | December 2022.

Nft liverpool

NFT Event and Exhibition | Adellia Gallery, Liverpool, UK | May 2022.

Cuna, Cura y sepulcro

“El Aquelarre” Collective Exhibition | Centro de Arte, Holguín, Cuba | Octubre 2023.


Cultura inquieta

Selected as finalist on a “Cultura Inquieta”´s Art Contest | August 2022.

The 4th Block

Selected as finalist on the Posters Triennial | February 2021.

Un siglo de presencia checa

Selected as finalist on a Posters Design Contest by CartelOn | November 2020.


Rialta Magazine

Interview by Edgar Ariel for “Rialta” cuban design magazine | January 2022 READ


Showcase on “Énfasis”, cuban design magazine | February 2020.

MOCCA Cuban Crypto Art

Showcase on MOCCA crypto art project | March 2021 | SEE